Oxleaze Farm are proud to be Soil Association accredited and Pasture For Life certified. The Oxleaze farming team are eager to educate the next generation in order to promote the positive environmental impact of organic farming. 


The Oxleaze Farm Aberdeen Angus Cattle are extensively reared on our pastures with no added soya or grain. 100% pasture fed and slowly reared to provide the most tender succulent tasty beef. To read more about the hard work and dedication of our farmers, you can ready a monthly account of life on the farm here


In addition to growing the right crops for the cattle, the farm team across Oxleaze Farm (approximately 400 acres) and Bradborough Farm (approximately 450 acres) are focused on the planting of shrubs and woodland to encourage the population of many wildlife species; from hedgehogs and birds to worms and rabbits. You can read more about our conservation plans here. 

To enquire about where you can find our pasture-fed beef, please contact info@oxleaze.co.uk.