Fi is passionate about reducing the environmental impact of wedding flowers ‘We’re lucky in this corner of the Cotswolds to have fantastic small-scale cut flower growers on our door-step. Their flowers are wonderfully seasonal and perfect for barn weddings so I source locally whenever I can to reduce ‘flower-miles’.  I am also re-discovering floristry techniques from years gone by so that I don’t need to use floral foam (oil-based, non-biodegradable) in my designs – by using bases made of moss, twigs and wire netting. Floral chandeliers and clouds were made using this technique and stayed fresh throughout the weekend. Happy brides and a healthy planet is my goal!”

Fi is a self-confessed flower addict and when not up a ladder at Oxleaze, she can be found pottering in her garden with her cat Tuxedo or travelling the world with husband Al. Originally from a farming family in Cornwall, Fi has been designing with flowers from an early age and after a career in banking, is now officially living her dream creative life as a wedding florist and stylist.