Jonny is a Cotswolds documentary style snapper who captures all the chaos and good times in an honest and fuss-free fashion. It’s photography that’s far removed from posed and staged moments. Without sounding like a raging cliche, I keep it 100% real.


We asked Jonny about his photography…

What is your favourite time of year for a wedding and why?

Each season brings its own characteristics to a wedding day, all of which are ace in their own way. If I had to choose one over the other it would be Autumn. With its golden light and nature’s sublime colour palette at its finest, what’s not to like?


What do you think is the best backdrop for a photograph at Oxleaze?

I always encourage couples to take 5 or 10mins away from their guests, just to be by themselves and to reflect on the fact that they are now finally married! Oxleaze Barn offers lots of options to couples for a quick escape, each one with its own interesting backdrop. Whether they take a stroll around the perfectly manicured gardens with its old potting shed or hide from view behind one of the barns where only the chickens are going to photobomb the shot! You really can’t go wrong.

Your best piece of advice to a couple?
On the day- allow your wedding to simply be what it is. Whether that means crappy weather, the best man dropping a clanger of a speech, or events simply running way off schedule. Keeping an open mind will allow spontaneity and magic and make your wedding uniquely yours. I promise you some of the best images come from the unexpected moments.

I will also say trust your photographer 100%. You have seen their portfolio and what they can do, you felt that CONNECTION and have booked them for that reason, all you need to do now is trust their creativity and just go with it!