Imagine shovelling 200 tonnes of wheat into a vast heap, filling the barn to the eaves; that is what we used to have to do when I was a 10-year old boy helping my father with the harvest in 1960. Blood, sweat and tears cannot describe the agony, forget the Cider with Rosie image, this was farming in the raw. Fast-forward to 2011 and we have skipped a generation and now with our son, Will marrying Flavia and looking for somewhere to hold their wedding, our thoughts turned to the barn…

Charles Mann, owner of Oxleaze farm

A full account history of Oxleaze Farm written by Charles can be found here

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The Renovation

With farming having become more mechanised with ever-larger tractors, the days of storing crops in the barn had now long-since passed. For several years the barn had found a use for storing yarns of wool for Cotswold Woollen Weavers and for vintage car restoration but had recently fallen in to a poor state of repair. So all hands to the deck and full and sensitive restoration was embarked upon to transform it into what has now become a leading wedding and corporate event space in Gloucestershire.


Mrs and Mrs W. Mann

Just a year later, with the renovations nearly complete, the first family wedding reception was hosted in the barn and at this point the family decided to look into launching Oxleaze Barn as an exclusive Cotswold wedding venue


Katie returns from London to open The Barn to the public

Following her brother’s wedding, Charles and Chipps’ daughter Katie moved back to Gloucestershire to develop The Barn as a wedding and corporate event space. With years of experience working in the events industry in London, Katie had a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the enterprise.


Let the weddings commence!

Groundworks underway for garden and landscaping. Oxleaze Barn was officially launched September 2013.

Hannah Shellard and Mark Fraser were our first bride and bridegroom to marry on April 5th 2014, Hannah Fraser has never left and has been part of the wedding team ever since!


The Milling Barn

After 4 years of lovely couples hosting their wedding days here, it was clear that everyone would be grateful for a little more room. At Oxleaze we pride ourselves on listening to our couples and therefore refurbished a storage barn to create the Milling Barn.

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